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Room Review
6.8Overall Score
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A boy, his ma and a room. This movie is emotionally difficult to watch but beautifully portrayed. Based on the best-selling novel by Emma Donoghue, this is one film adaption that lives up to expectations. Narrated by a five year old boy, we are drawn into the lives of Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his ma (Brie Larson), held captive and alone in Room. Tremblay made his big screen debut in comedy film The Smurfs 2, however his performance in Room is nothing short of inspiring. Although some viewers may have doubts about the plausibility of some of the details of the story, Room is an ugly yet powerful tale of the bond between mother and child and their fight for freedom.


Starring: Brie Larson, Jacob Tremblay and Sean Bridges

Written By: Emma Donoghue

Directed By: Lenny Abrahamson

Rating: M

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