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Rogue One Review
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I’m a bit late to the Star Wars party, binging hard over the last two weeks on the 7 movies that had already been released. So with the Star Wars story fresh in my mind and knowing Rogue One sits in between the 3rd and 4th episodes, I went to the cinemas ready to be blown away…  Unfortunately I wasn’t. Yes, the visuals were stunning and the acting was good (with the exception of Forest Whitaker, the most over-dramatic man in the galaxy), but it’s the story that let it down.

Whilst I was very interested to know how the Rebel Alliance got their hands on the death star plans, I just don’t think there was enough substance to the storyline to credit an entire film. Perhaps it would have helped if the story spanned a much greater timeline, for example the years that are missing from when Jyn Erso was a kid to when she became an adult.


Starring: Felicity Jones, Diego Luna, Alan Tudyk, Donnie Yen, Ben Mendelsohn, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen

Written By: Chris Weitz, Tony Gilroy, John Knoll, Gary Whitta

Directed By: Gareth Edwards

Rating: M


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