Black Mirror Review
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Black Mirror takes sci-fi technology and mixes it with our biggest fears. Each episode is a new story and features a different cast of actors which makes this show good to jump into at any point (believe me, I know since Netflix has it in backwards order so I started on season 3 and didn’t notice till the 5th episode).

Black Mirror is kind of like a commentary on what society could become if we continue to head in this self-gratifying direction. Scarily, one of their predictions has already somewhat come true with the recent election of an unqualified madman in the USA.

The scriptwriting is brilliant, the acting is superb and I can’t get enough of this show’s isolated techy outlook on society. Black Mirror was recommended to me by a friend a while ago; the only regret I have is not listening to him sooner.



Starring: Bryce Dallas Howard, Domhnall Gleeson, Jon Hamm, Rory Kinnear, Mackenzie Davis, Wyatt Russell

Creator: Charlie Brooker


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