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Doctor Strange Review

I really didn’t know what to expect from Doctor Strange. In fact I didn’t think it would be very good after watching the trailer but… I was wrong. What makes this Marvel film so good is that it isn’t anything l...
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Silicon Valley Review

Pied Piper, a tech startup with a neurotic owner and a stoner business partner, finds itself with the possibility of becoming the Valley’s next big thing. Silicon Valley welcomes Richard Hendrix (Thomas Middled...


Every now and then movie studios accidentally (or deliberately) release almost identical films. Whether it is a race to get the idea out to cinemas first or just a phenomenon, I don't exactly know. Regardless, ...
7.2Arrival Score

Arrival Review

Arrival is worth seeing at least for the example of what a film should look like creatively. It is wonderfully shot and the pacing is perfect. As for the story… it was an interesting take on the Alien invasion ...
shadows in the sun

Shadows In The Sun Review

I should probably preface this review by saying this is my favourite film ever created. Shadows In The Sun is a film about a publisher, Jeremy Taylor (Joshua Jackson), trying to convince a famous author, Weldon...

The Founder Review

  If there is a lesson learned from The Founder, it is that jerks are rewarded. The Founder is a story based around Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton) and his underhanded dealings in taking over the now gigantic...